When we hit the road, most of us forget to pack a workout. And, no, lifting your suitcase or wheeling it around doesn’t count!

Keeping yourself in shape away from home doesn’t really require much equipment. Take shadow boxing. Very little equipment necessary and you’ll work up a great sweat.

One version of a shadow boxing workout is to practice jabs, hooks, crosses and uppercuts for two to three consecutive minutes. That’s considered one round. Giving yourself 30 seconds to rest in between rounds, you can do as many as 10 rounds.

You can step up the intensity by adding gloves to the mix. There are different camps of opinion on using gloves while shadow boxing. Some believe it’s cumbersome, while others suggest added weight can be great, just not with every round of shadow boxing. We want you to be comfortable, so try it and decide for yourself.

When you add that additional weight to your hands, you force your body to work on endurance and strength. Just as important is getting a true boxing feel. You’re not just throwing punches, instead, you’re working on muscle memory. While wearing gloves, you’re reminded to keep your hands up to protect yourself. After throwing a punch, return your hands to proper guard position. You’ll create great offensive and defensive posture. Also, head movement keeps you from being a sitting target. It also helps to set up your punches. It becomes more life-like with gloves. You’re also increasing the endurance of your punches, leading to stronger blows and a higher volume of punches.

Finally, don’t forget to focus on footwork!

Kollins Ezekh and Natalie Corbin, both trainers based in Los Angeles, are well-versed at putting clients through full body workouts. Additionally, Ezekh owns the Wilshire Boulevard Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise location, so boxing movements are guaranteed to be peppered into any workout.

They’ve put together a boxing exercise that incorporates a heavy dose of shadow boxing and cardio. Make sure you give yourself 15 seconds of rest between each set. You’re going to need it!

Trainers Kollins Ezekh and Natalie Corbin
  • 30 seconds: Jab, cross, slip, cross
  • 30 seconds: Squat ending with a knee lift (alternate knees after each squat)
  • 30 seconds Mountain Climbers
  • 30 seconds: Push up position: Go down onto your elbows – one at a time (almost in a plank) – lift into pushup position and complete a full push up
  • 30 seconds: Crunch, throw a jab cross, repeat
  • Lay on your back with your hands under you hips and alternate raising your legs in small movements
  • 30 seconds: Reverse lunge (right leg back)
  • 30 seconds: Reverse lunge (left leg back)
  • 30 seconds: Boxing freestyle (any combo you choose)
  • 30 seconds: Jab, cross then sprawl

Repeat this three to five times and then hit the pool to cool off.

Boxing trainer Lanny joon

Boxing trainer Lanny Joon has compiled a workout that can be done anywhere to help maintain your endurance and strengthen your core with no equipment at all. Here’s Lanny’s go-to workout that can be done anywhere and focuses on those fundamentals:

  • Warm up the body with ab work. Do multiple sets of crunches and other ab exercises to strengthen your core. After ab work, give your body a good stretch.
  • Burpees: Three rounds of 10 burpees with five seconds rest in between rounds
  • Squat Jumps: Three rounds of 10 squat jumps with five seconds of rest in between rounds
  • Running in place Squat Jumps: 10 sets of three with 5 seconds rest in between
  • Then mix in more of your favorite ab exercises for at least 10 minutes to finish it off

No matter where your trip takes you, there’s no need to leave a good workout behind!


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